Thomas Sanladerer Thomas Sanladerer whoever is the real one,

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@Thomas_Sanladerer @Thomas_Sanladerer1 whoever is the real one, is it possible for me and you to Skype or something? I am building, or trying to build my first 3D printer and am having some trouble/difficulties, i was wondering if you could be able to assist me??

(Ryan Carlyle) #2

I have to imagine he’s a pretty busy guy… you could post your issues here or on a printing forum.

(Justin Nesselrotte) #3

Seriously, just ask us. Thomas may be very visible but he’s not the only one who understands this technology.

(Gabriel Coleman) #4

@sp1redgryphon_97 , What’s going on with the build that troubles you?

(sp1redgryphon 97) #5

@Gabriel_Coleman the motors for the Z axis does not home, it goes down slowly, but does not come back up…
missing/deleted image from Google+

(Gabriel Coleman) #6

Try swapping out the stepper driver.

(sp1redgryphon 97) #7

what do you mean by that

(Gabriel Coleman) #8

Most custom printers have interchangeable stepper drivers. They’re little chips that control the stepper motors.

It looks like you have an Anet a8 printer. These have a controller that has all the drivers built in. The entire board would need replace in order to swap the driver… Unless your good with a soldering iron.

(Ryan Carlyle) #9

could be motor direction is backwards or endstop is always triggered or endstop logic is reversed.

(sp1redgryphon 97) #10

does anyone also know why i cant connect my printer to my PC? i plug in the printer, plug in the USB, and the printer is not recognized in any of the 3D printer software, like cura or simplify 3D?

(sp1redgryphon 97) #11

i have the anet v1.0 board

(Gabriel Coleman) #12

Let’s focus on 1 problem at a time. Has your Z axis ever moved the correct direction?

(sp1redgryphon 97) #13

@Gabriel_Coleman yes, it moved all the way down to the end stop and once it hit the end stop the motor went backwards to bring the axis back up, but only moved up for about a second or two

(sp1redgryphon 97) #14

and then the homing stopped

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(sp1redgryphon 97) #16

so does that mean the homing worked, because i was expecting it to move all the way up again.

(Gabriel Coleman) #17

That sounds like normal operation.

When it’s going down, push the end stop with your finger. This should make it stop and go back up a little bit, like you described.

(sp1redgryphon 97) #18

ok, now the connecting to pc part…

(Gabriel Coleman) #19

What operating system?

(sp1redgryphon 97) #20

Windows 10