So where is everybody going? MeWe or makerforums?

(Florian Ford) #1

So where is everybody going? MeWe or makerforums?

(Michael K Johnson) #2

The content is going to makerforums, anyway! :slight_smile: And that content on makerforums will be accessible via a web search, so people can find it without having to sign up on MeWe, agree to their terms of service, and do a site search there.

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(ThantiK) #3

I’m on MakerForums, Reddit (barely),

(Kevin Danger Powers) #4

I created some groups at MeWe so I’ll be there unless I have a reason to leave. Personally I suggest trying several different ones and see what suits you best. MeWe not being open is kind of a drag but I like the community style like G+ has.

(Ryan Carlyle) #5

Facebook 3D Printer Builders/Designers and Reddit r/3dprinters (both more focused on printer builds than printing lithophanes and Thingiverse memes)

(ThantiK) #6

@Ryan_Carlyle could you link that particular fb community? I cannot seem to find it.

(Ryan Carlyle) #7

@ThantiK this work?

(Ryan Carlyle) #8

On phone so not sure if the link will work for you or not

(ThantiK) #9

@Ryan_Carlyle It worked after I removed the M prefix for the mobile site :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kurt Wendt) #10

Also - there another forum that Ryan and I hang out on - as I mentioned previously - you can find it here:!forum/3d-printing-tips--tricks

(Florian Ford) #11

MeWe not being open, Facebook is even worse … reddit sounds good but no moderation from our own kin :frowning: … question: why not reprapforums?

(Florian Ford) #12

ok, I have joined MeWe to see if it suits me … found this:
"Awesome MeWe Members:

#MeWe welcomes all #GooglePlus users to a better home here with us!

To make it easier for our new members from G+, today we announced that MeWe will launch an upload tool (the G+ MeWe Importer) that allows Google+ users to import their G+ content easily onto MeWe. The tool is expected to go live on March 12 or sooner. (G+ members should download their G+ content in “JSON” format.)

The feedback from G+ users about the G+ MeWe Importer is already highly positive, including one G+ user who wrote “Brilliant. I was dreading this process,” and another who wrote, “That should make things easier!”"

Dunno if it was mentioned before in the community…

(Ryan Carlyle) #13

@Florian_Ford reprap forum is an option but I gave up on it a long time ago due to the large number of very confidently wrong people spouting inaccurate technical information. Probably ought to give it another chance.

(Kurt Wendt) #14

@Ryan_Carlyle Don’t Bother - just stick with our other Google Forum! Seems to be Less Morons and more Smart people - LIKE ME!!!

(Stephane BUISSON) #15

Makerforum really take off now the several first communities have been ported there with several thousands members, the 3d community will follow soon, it’s quite a big heavy bit to add to, but please check again in few days.