Youpie Christmas is coming in a few weeks and I finally will be getting

Youpie Christmas is coming in a few weeks and I finally will be getting a 3d printer. But now the real hard question: what model? I’m an absolute beginner. I was hoping to spend around $200 dollars. Ideally I would like to print a multitude of materials, Is the quality of the cheap one’s you find on aliexpress good enough for general use, or do I need to continue to save and buy the prusa i3 mk2

if prusa is an option then i would say save for it. the aliexpress cheap ones come with the risk of catching fire and other issues.

I had good luck with my Anet A2 and A8, but the A2 was better in the long run. The A8 spit out 3 nozzles and 2 thermistors, leading to temp overheat. still works fine though and hasnt errored in a while.

I boght the renkforce rf 100 it comes with all tools you need it is an beginner printer and worked fine until i moved the printhead to fast but i had no big issues with that. New it costs 300€ maby 350$ but you can get new ones from ebay that have an scratch or something, works fine and costs around 225€

I have seen another 300€ printer but i dont know anything about it else than it is with almost no housing here the link:

I am german dont care if my english is not the best

I’d really recommend saving for the Prusa i3 MK3. Prusa printers are such a great machine for the cost. A $200 machine will significantly limit what materials you’re able to print (no heated bed). Alternatively I’d recommend the Monoprice Maker Select Plus for $400 which has all the standard features you’d want in a printer but nothing special.

I’ve had good luck with USD $200 Monoprice Minis. They benefit from some tweaking, but they’re little workhorses.

@Brent_Newhall they’re nice but I refuse to recommend anyone a printer without a heated bed. The Maker Select line is so much nicer.

@Adam_Steinmark Um, the Monoprice Minis have heated beds. They’ve had them for quite a while.

@Brent_Newhall My bad, I forgot the new iteration added it. It’s not too bad in that case, just a bit small. For that price it’s pretty great.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.