When I 3d print something, can I do it in color?

(Brandon King) #1

When I 3d print something, can I do it in color?

(Chris “Bigpaws” Chamberlain) #2

Depends on your printers capabilities.
Most of the home built RepRap style printers use a single hot end… you CAN print in color… a single color. Others which have more than one hot end can print in one color per hot end. Recently a product was designed to allow single hot end printers to use more than one color. But I have not seen this device in the wild yet.

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@Brandon_King ​ the color of your print will be the same as the color of the filament you print with.

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Oooh, ok

(Chris “Bigpaws” Chamberlain) #6

In the past I have printed parts in 3 colors with a single hot end. but this was a matter of stopping the print, and manually changing filaments, then continuing the print in the newly loaded color. but this is a very cumbersome method and takes plenty of practice.

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Ok, thx guys, now I need to get a 3d printer ;p

(Brad Hopper) #8

There are also printers which use colored ink/binder sprayed into a powder bed to create full color prints. But these are typically commercial / expensive machines. See Z Corp / 3D Systems and soon HP.

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or prinnt in white or natural colored filament, nylon comes to mind. then used colored markers to 'paint" it. Some printed plastics take color well.

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Thanks guys

(Herman Steyn) #12

Yes you can print in colour - even mixing colours with an ordinary Reprap machine using Repetier’s open source Firmware(http://www.repetier.com/firmware/v092/index.html ) and a multicolour hotend (http://deltaprinter.co.za/tri-colour/index.html) - that you can build yourself.