Vigotec VG-L7X DXF file issue

Hi, I’ve just received my 1st cnc Laser, the 20w Vigotec VG-L7X from Banggood. Took about 15mins to assemble, instructions aren’t too bad for a Chinese product, and it comes with safety goggles in the box. No problems connecting to the machines wifi hotspot and using their own Vigoworks software engraving / cutting jpeg images is pretty simple. However Despite being advertised to accept DXF files, when I click the import DXF option in Vigoworks and select a file, it doesn’t import and the software freezes.
Has anyone managed to use any different software with this machine or managed to get the stock software to cut dxf files? Thanks.

You aren’t alone.

No it appear not, hopefully someone might come up with a solution. I guess if all else fails I could swap the control board.

My plan us to swap the control board to a basic GRBL Board probably from SainSmart. I have been very let down by this laser and the BangGood app/website. I guess I should have expected as much perhaps for simply $200. Also, don’t bother joining any Facebook Groups, everyone is a stuck up prick haha… “oh you DIDNT buy ORTUR? HOW DARE YOU!” is the most common reply.