Vigotec VG-L7 (BX20) - other Software possible?

A few days ago I got my new Vigotec VG-L7 (BX20). But the software works not well. I have problem to import g-code and dxf-files. According to the description, it should be possible to use other software such as GRBL, Benbox, Elekscam. Apparently a new firmware is needed for this. Has anyone used other software on this engraver?

Thanks in advance.

Hey mate, so after much struggling I have ended up BACK on the VigoWorks software.

LaserGRBL… LaserWEB… Candle and LightBurn all won’t run my VG-L7X. LaserGRBL will turn the laser on but the motors won’t move. They just like lock up and burn a hole to the core of the earth. I’ve been trying to re-flash my Controller with a new Grbl Firmware but nothing has synced and worked at all. Once I got my driver’s and COM Port situation cleared, the VigoWorks app is working great. I’ve got a 20W laser and it’s incredibly too strong to engrave, it’s strictly cutting haha

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