Vigotec VG-L7 (BX20)

Hello everybody!

I have bought the following laser:

Manufacturer: VigoTec
Model: VG-L7
Species: BX20

Can I also use LaserWeb4 for this laser? What firmware do I need to install?

The software that comes with the laser can only engrave JPEGs.

Would like to use dxf files. The software always crashes :frowning:

Who can help me?

many greetings,

Welcome to the forum Dennis :slightly_smiling_face:

First thing is please be careful with that laser and always use proper eye protection rated for UV lasers when in use.

As for software I’m not sure. Laserweb could probably run it with the right firmware but that’s a question I defer to @cprezzi.

Thank you!

Yes i inform myself and buy special glases for lasers.

What i find out is, that i must install “CH341SER.exe” and i remember that it displays a ATMEGA2560 Board.

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Hi Dennis
I didn’t find any information if the default firmware is GRBL compatible or if there is any GRBL firmware for it. If you could open the serial connection with a serial terminal (like the one in the Arduino IDE), you could probably see by the responses if it’s GRBL and which version.
When connected, try sending $$ to get the GRBL configuraton. If you get a list of $xxx=yyy it is GRBL.

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Thank you!
I connect the board with my linux terminal.
It shows me i got Grbl1.1f Firmware and the Manufactor ist
So it work’s out of the box :slight_smile:

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Nice to know :+1:

Hi Dennis,

I also think about to buy the same device here in Germany from REAL, it will be delivered from Cech Repuplic in approx. 5-7day. I hope without any problems with taxes. It should costs round about 250.- € as 20W Version.

Here some questions:
As you found out, the Laser works with Grbl1.1f Firmware, does this mean it can work without any changes direct with LaserWeb? I think it should also work with LaserGRBL?

What are your experience with the device? Do you have also the 20W version? Did you have still made some cut test into wood? How deep can the laser cut in softwood? Is it possible to cut 4mm softwood by using different turns?

Any negative experience? Please send me some input, because I can’t find so much information about the device in the internet.

Thanks a lot in Advance

Hi Marcus

Be aware that the promoted 20W are not real 20W continous, just peak. The diode might only have 5W. There are no stronger laser diodes in this price range. These devices are made for engravng. They cut very badly. No chance to cleanly get though 3mm birch playwood (for example). Thin balsa might probably work. If you want to cut, I would suggest a CO2 laser like K40.

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Thanks Claudio for your fast answer. At the moment I work with a Ortur 7Watt Version. Is this still the same. I think so, or? The 7 Watt is only the peak power consumption. At the moment I’m happy with this one, but it could be a little bit stronger. I want to cut 3-4mm Softwood (poplar). Is it possible by using more than one turn 2-3 times? I think that the CO2 laser is to heavy for my requirements. I will them perhaps most often for engraving. I saw some youtube videos about the L7 model and find the results OK. it looks like that the laser could burn some good slots in the wood by engraving. Could you please send me a answer, please. Thanks in Advance Marcus. Is there a possibilty to contact you directly with a PM, here in the forum?

The reason we have a forum at all is so that everyone else can benefit from questions and answers. Asking questions in PMs instead of in public messages is selfish because it takes the public forum information and doesn’t respond by giving back in kind with more public information. Please keep conversation in public.

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Thanks Michael, I understand the advance of a open discussion and information exchange, but sometimes you got no answer or do you want to ask some questions how are not really interesting for everyone. That’s the reason, why most often a forum use a PM system. Some people use the system not so often and by using a PM you can ping someone for a questions. Sure only if an email auto notification is in place and activated.

Did anyone have some experience with L7 model from vigotec? Is it possible by using more than 1 turn (2-3 times the same route) cutting 4mm poplar wood or other softwood? What I got on information out of the forum is: The delivered software needs a USB doogle to start! It has a firmware based on is a GRBL 1.1f version. Can someone confirm that the laser works also with LaserGRBL? …or other software?

Thanks a lot for your time and information in advance. Excuse my terrible English it is not my native language


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This site has email notifications for public posts. If you don’t get a response in public, sending a PM is just pestering. There’s no difference in email notifications between public and private messages.

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Be sure, it was not my intention to nerve or bother someone.

I don’t have any experience with Ortur or Vigotec machines, but I have a “5.5W” chinese diode laser (in a self made case). I can’t get through 3mm poplar (even with many pathes) and the edges get completely burned after a few pathes.

The problem is not the wood, it’s the glue between the playwood layers. It might work to cut thin inlay/veneer wood and 2-3mm balsa (but balsa quickly get realy dark edges).

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By the way:
My belief is, that laser machines without a closed enclosure (like Ortur or Vigotec) should be forbidden. They are too dangerous!

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Hi everyone

I hope you are well and safe

Well, i have a VG-L7 20w since January, its a pretry cool machine for engraving fun or to do a small business. Normally the software came with those laser machines are a little bit limited as for exemple if you want add a grayscale photo to the galery is quite difficult.

You can work with others free Softwares as LW4, GBLR, or, pay a anual fee to use LightBurn (its a good program too).

I recomend you to use GIMP and Inkscape, if you want work, change, resize, etc images for free.

After all this months, i came across with a LW4 problem when i lasering a image. Some how my laser stops in the middle of the job and LW4 crashes. Its something didnt happen before, is anyone have a idea that could provoque this?

Thank you in Advance

I suggest starting a new topic for a new question. Questions hidden at the end of an old topic are rarely addressed. New topics are free…

Cool thank you @mcdanlj

I will do it

Hello Dennis,
I also bought the same device just a few days ago. Have you already solved the issue about VigoTec crashing on dxf files? I am encountering the same problem and I’m not sure what seems to be the problem.



I have a Vigo L7, and I have made it do great things. You can easily get the software for all the machines at
I have made my L7 cut 1/8" Kydex, 1/4" wood, leather, and other plastics. I am a computer graphics specialist, and a graduate machinist, so I understand these machines better than most. Please dont ask me g-code questions, as its been 20 years since I’ve had to use it, lol. I use the L7 to burn onto just about everything.
I am a maker, and have many different machines here, in addition to the following lasers: 5 lasers total, as 2 L7’s, a rotary 15watt for burning onto round objects, a BX20-2.5w type that I can now dedicate to engraving with its motor, and a 7watt that is similar to the L7, with an integrated screen.
Feel free to ask me anything, and I will attempt to answer.
The way that I get images into the L7 is with Corel Draw and Corel Paint. I first type the font in Corel Draw. I then pick it up by copying the text, image, whatever was done, and then click over to Corel Paint. In paint I go to File-Create from Clipboard. This makes a new image that is just the size of what you clipped. Save this out as a JPEG or whatever system format you need it in and you are good to go. This makes it so that I can go to a party and burn a plaque for each person in around 5 ins time.
There are other paint and drawing systems that do these same operations.
Glad to meet you all, Have Fun!