Speeds and feeds for Kyocera 1516.1250.400 in Aluminum

@Eclsnowman I finally ordered a pack of 10 Kyocera 1516.1250.400 from drillman1 at your recommendation.

Can you share your recipes? I expect to cut both wrought and cast aluminum. My first cuts will be in ¾" cast plate (unknown alloy from scrapyard, but has machined manually nicely). This will be on my Everman-style double-belted OX so I might need to take it easy relative to your screw-driven machines, but if I know what you start with it might help me get started… :slight_smile:

I am out of town until Tomorrow. But I will send over some recipes as soon as I get back. I have them in aFusion360. What were you planning to do the CAM in? They also work for HSMworks express in SolidWorks.

Oh, just looking for the numbers; DoC, chip load, spindle speed, plunge rate…

I’m doing the cam in Kiri:moto. This particular job is for the aluminum version of Updated a fun math shape generator that I intend to become a rosette iron, but the point of buying a ten-pack is to do more.

I just ordered the bits last night so it will be next week before they arrive, if the US postal service survives that long. :roll_eyes:

Edit: Oh, I finally realized that you had it in the “Open Source Feeds and Speeds” spreadsheet at What are the right Feeds and Speeds for my CNC router? — 1140 mm/min, DoC 0.3, plunge 20 mm/min, 24000 RPM

That plunge rate seems way too low and likely to encourage BUE, but 1140/0.3 is probably actually a good starting point for my project. I’m guessing 20 was a typo for 200.

Those settings are all pretty old. I’ll go over my latest fusion recipes and give the relevant information That can be used in other cam software.


Argh, I forgot to ask again yesterday… I can experiment when the bits come though! :slight_smile:

Sorry it took a while. Work and life have been crazy. Hopefully this folder and it’s documents of my Fusion360 Speeds and Feeds for the Kyocera will help you find recipes you like. These were used on my R7 CNC with a 1.5KW Water Cooled Spindle. I also have included my setup for a 4mm x 17mm Single flute from Ebay that I like for larger parts parts and deeper features since the Kyocera only has maximum length of cut of 0.4in. The settings for the 4mm endmill are what I used when making my LienCNC V2 plates that I just completed recently.


Thank you! And today the bits arrived! :slight_smile: Looks like I have another endmill to order while I’m at it. :roll_eyes: :tada: