Some advice on a slight overhang.

(Vaughan Lundin) #1

Some advice on a slight overhang.
While printing a slight / small Overhang, the nozzel seems to miss the edge of the last filament laid down filament.
Drops off the edge. Printing in PLA , 195 temp & printing slow 40mm/sec. Fan on 100%
Can not understand because usually don’t need any support for small overhang. printed the part before with no problems, now its just falls off the edge.

(Ryan Carlyle) #2

Are you printing with a taller layer height than normal? Or perhaps you might have some mechanical backlash?

(Vaughan Lundin) #3

No not printing any higher. Same layer height

(Alan Thomason) #4

Maybe slight underextrusion causing the extruded width to be slightly less? Try increasing the amount extruded by what ever means you prefer.

(Vaughan Lundin) #5

Thanks Guys