SOLVED? Image uploads: temporary problem

In preparation for importing lots of G+ data, we’re changing the way that uploads are stored. At the moment, this has inadvertently broken uploads. We’ll get this fixed and not only will there be more space, it should also be faster! In the meantime, apologies for the inconvenience.

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We think we have solved this problem. Please comment if you have trouble uploading!

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I just tried to post in Staff, the images show in the editor-preview but not in the published post itself.

I just uploaded something to staff and it worked for me. Can you retry?

I just uploaded an image in my Greetings conversation with discobot and it worked for me. @raykholo can you please at-mention me in the thread with the failure for me to look at?

I see fails here: Just a simple upload test

The thing I wrote in staff, I can no longer find.

I deleted it by accident, was cleaning up some posts. Still working on getting the CDN server to send back the images, it uploads fine to the DigitaOcean spaces server, but has an issue serving the images back to discourse. Open ticket with DO right now.