Just a simple upload test



Not seeing an image

Here’s a picture of me, do you see it?

Yes see that

Don’t see the image I just uploaded. Looked fine in preview.

@funinthefalls yours is trying to serve from the CDN at: https://sfo2.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/original/1X/afd5160b444c24f45f1fd16cdc283541de2b9007.svg
Mine is at https://sfo2.digitaloceanspaces.com/discourseuploads/original/1X/7852ca838c45fc27980a18515f81f2413457021f.jpeg

Note “original” vs. “discourseuploads/original” — did you ever have the bucket blank in configuration while testing?

Edit: Same thing for @NedMan and that’s not an SVG so that’s not the difference…

It appears to be an issuse with the CDN delivery, all the uploads are going to the spaces server, but the cdn server does not appear to be serving the images. If you right click o Micheals pic and choose view image, you will see that it is being served via spaces, not cdn.spaces. The ones that are broken are trying to be served by the cdn.spaces servers. I have an open ticket with DigitalOcean on this issue.

I never had it blank that I know of. I did have to rebake all the posts at one point because everything was broken, at least now it is only the new stuff. It appears that if you upload something that was preciously uploaded, it will display, but not if it is a new upload. I am assuming you had uploaded your profile pic before?

We can’t connect to the server at sfo2.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com.

That hostname doesn’t exist. Are you sure there’s not a typo in there?

Oh, yes, I had. Probably I should have used a different image… :slight_smile:

No typo, copied right from the DO app, and pasted into discourse settings.

The links in there make it looks like there should be a spacename. in front of the sfo2. for the entire configuration.

Everything is uploading to the DO servers without the spacename. I will try adding it to the cdn url, to see if maybe it will serve the images properly. I will have to rebake all the posts if I change it however.

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Oh, I just did — might have to rebake though

You going to do the rebake?

I’ll let you rebake. I’m called to supper anyway! :wink:

OK, will do so now.