So I'm pretty sure I just ate 350$ in electronics today..

So I’m pretty sure I just ate 350$ in electronics today…

I built an enclosure for my printer to keep the ambient temp steady, after installing the printer I hooked up the mains power… My dumb ass didn’t check it twice and the power connector to the ramps controller was off by one pin… (It was in a really really tight space, hard to see)

Needless to say it blew the ramps and one stepper driver, the others seem to be fine and it may have damaged my mega.

I installed a new ramps, stepper driver and made sure all connections were good. Now the z and y axis refuse to move at all, the x axis only moves in one direction no matter what you tell it, and the stepper for the extruder is not wanting to work ( the one I replaced the stepper driver on)

Any suggestions? I have another mega coming in about a week, but I was in the middle of making a kit and now it looks like it just does not want to work at all. And Repetier host keeps saying BLK 3

Sorry, mate, those electronics are all toast.
One pin off means negative polarity, wich will pretty much instantly kill any piece of electronics that it reaches. Even if the drivers seem to work fine, they might start failing randomly from now on. Luckily for you, Pololu recently dropped the prices for the A4988 drivers to 10$-ish.

I’m not to worried about the stepper drivers as I have around 30 of them stocked I’m good on the ramps have a few of those. The mega seems to work fine. Would that kill steppers? Or would you need far more juice? They didn’t smoke or anything. Funny thing though my y stepper picks up radio stations now…

Motors and heaters are not easily killed by reverse voltage, or for that matter, regular forward voltage as well. You can easily use the resistance meter of your multimeter to see if the coils are still intact, but i’d think any 12V burst shorter than 10 (or so) seconds wouldn’t harm them.

Sounds good, then ill just replace the rest of the stepper drivers and see if that helps. If not i gata replace the mega.

I’d replace the Mega, too, just to be sure. I’ve blown one in a similar way, which then seemed to work fine, but would randomly abort a print every now and then. Not fun.

Ya Ill have to order another on to replace the one I just ordered, I was in the process of gathering materials for a Wallace printer.

aliexpress had some cheapo ones for like 15.