So, I just watched the newest Video of Thomas Sanladerer  and his build of

(René Jurack) #1

So, I just watched the newest Video of @Thomas_Sanladerer and his build of the @Printrbot play. I overheard him telling that the motors they’re shipping with the kit are actually pretty good ones. That leads me to the question: What are pretty good motors and why?
In my current printer (Core XY) I put in the cheapest ones I could find on ebay per search “10x reprap stepper motors 1.7A” and ended up with “17HS4417” 1,8°/1.7A from ACT MOTOR ( Now… am I a fool or is everything just fine? But please no discussion like “it doesn’t matter, just…” - lets be technical and like perfectionists :wink:

(Erich HaHaOh) #2

Look for Shauki’s stepper labels!
All from ACT.

(René Jurack) #3

Thx for the links guys. Is there anything beyond this? Like good brands or something?

(Ryan Hescock (Stanos)) #4

I think there are certain brands that are known to be higher quality and workmanship. Some of the lower quality brands tend to cheap out on the lead wires and that leads to broken wires sometimes inside the motor housing. I have one motor that I had to almost completely disassemble because the crappy design allowed the wires to flex too much inside the housing and caused a break in there.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #5

I heard there was a company in California that made stepper motors with alot of strength for their size and power used, but I believe those stepper motors are much more expensive than a number of us cheap folk would get.

(Steve Wood (Gyrobot)) #6

@Ryan_Hescock_Stanos For those steppers where the wires go straight into the housing rather than a plug break then hot gun some glue around the wire bundle entry makes a great cheap strain relief and helps stop the wires breaking off the internal connections.

(Ryan Hescock (Stanos)) #7

@Steve_Wood_Gyrobot ​ that sounds like a good idea. Not sure why I didn’t think to do it earlier.