Smoothie USB port seems broken, possible to replace with serial connection?

I run a fabkit laser with a Smoothieboard and the laser powersupply blows up, and it seems it took the USB port on the Smoothieboard with it.

The board will not recognise as USB Device anymore from PC Side. SD Card is still readable and I can still connect via Ethernet and send Commands and it seems to work fine. My Question:

Is the USB port fixable (like replacing the microcontroller mentioned here) or can I wire a Serial-> USB adapter to the serialport PINs on the board and run the board via this new/second serial port as before via USB Serial?

And in the config is a “second_usb_serial_enable” option, but I can’t see a second port on the board. What is this option for?!

Thanx ploenne

It’s very lucky that only USB got taken away, impressive. Definitely can’t fix the USB ( you’d at minimum need to replace the LPC1769 ).

Yes, you should be able to control the board via Serial/UART. You won’t get mass-storage access to files, but in terms of Gcode streaming you’ll be able to do that no issue.

The second_usb option has to do with USB, it offers a second USB/Serial virtual port on the same unique USB physical connection. it’s not going to do anything if your USB is dead.