RUMBA + Marlin + SD cards.  Way back in pre-history,

(Mike Miller) #1

RUMBA + Marlin + SD cards.

Way back in pre-history, I had a RUMBA powering a 3DR printer. While reaching up, upside down, in the darkness to fiddle with it, I shorted something and let the smoke out.

I replaced the board, hooked it up to the LCD and, related or not, couldn’t read anything off the SD card. I chalked it up to the LCD being partially nuked in the power event and ignored it as I was playing with Octoprint.

Fast forward to today, the RUMBA has a fresh install of Marlin, a new full-graphic LCD controller…and no SD support. By now everything is new, which makes me think the original SD support issue was a missing jumper, or a setting in Marlin, or something.

The only obvious think is a “echo:SD init fail” on bootup, and I’ve got another RAMPS system that reads cards perfectly, so it’s not an SD card format issue.

SDSUPPORT is defined in Marlin, I’ve attached the jumper settings. Due to it’s expected future life, this printer REALLY needs a working SD card slot…any suggestions I might have missed?

Edited to add: Card insert/remove events ARE detected.

(Michael Scholtz) #2

The serial cables have pin 1 pointing towards each other. Is that right should they not be pointing the same direction. No experience with RUMBA just saying what I see. one on the right needs to be swapped round

(Mike Miller) #3

It’s the only orientation of the four where the display shows content…I hear what you’re saying, but I’d be surprised if everything works, including SD card insertion/removal if the ribbon cable was in the wrong orientation.

(Maxim Melcher) #4

Marlin settings: invert sd detect signal?

(Michael Scholtz) #5

As far as I know the one is for the display and the other for the sd card. I haven’t had to think about it for a few years but I believe the wiring rule is pin towards power. Maybe swap the cable on the board and the back of the display.

(Ishaan Gov) #6

Are you using the same SD card as the one you were using when the board blew?
EDIT: disregard what I said, just saw “I’ve got another RAMPS system that reads cards perfectly, so it’s not an SD card format issue”

(Herman Steyn) #7 for the connection to the board

(Mike Miller) #8

@Ishaan_Gov no, that SD card is long gone. I’ll triple check the ribbon cabelling, but I really don’t think that’s the issue. There’s four possible orientations and three of them are obviously wrong (no light, no graphics) this layout is the only one where the display actually works as it should.

(Eric Pavey) #9

FWIW, I had to swap the lcd cables on my rumba, and rotate them each 180 to get mine to work. Bad slikscreen :S In my instance (until all the swapping\rotating), the lcd would light up, but not display anything.

(Mike Miller) #10

I’ve definitely got the right orientation, grid all permutations and only one have everything (but sd card support) working.

(Ishaan Gov) #11

Reflash firmware? Good wire continuity? Correct CS pin?

(Mike Miller) #12

I reflash three or four times a night lately. :smiley:

(James Rivera) #13

Is it possible the type of SD card you have uses memory not supported by the RUMBA? (grasping at straws)

(Mike Miller) #14

At this point I’m leaning towards a QA problem on the board. I’ve hung a raspberry Pi off it and Octoprint for now.