Replacing power supply in Glowforge

I had a glow forge pro, it’s dead, won’t turn on, could be the power supply, you know if I can replace it?

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My understanding is Glowforge technology is proprietary and can only be sourced from them.
Thus the reason I gutted the machine and replaced with open source parts and software.
Although quite time consuming it allows me to maintain the machine with available parts.
That’s the beauty of the K40 … so many parts sources and community support.
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I’d start by taking it out or at least checking it. Probably proprietary, but doesn’t hurt to check.

You will have to get inside it…

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It’s a proprietary power supply with like 4 low-voltage rails which was crammed into relatively little space.

You either need a new one or you have to get it fixed.

You can’t replace it with other power supplies, because there just isn’t enough room.

And of course Glowforge Inc isn’t selling any. You have to send the machine back and maybe they will be able to fix it.

Maybe it is as simple as a bad switch and not a power supply.
Might as well check.
Glowforge is clever in hiding the access points.
Tips for how to open, original circuit diagrams and the like are found in this thread :

However … Instincts, intuition tells me Glowforge will cop an attitude if the machine is returned in a basket.
The consumer can purchase basic consumables.
Everything else they want to do in-house.
Cost of shipping is a obstacle.

I once repaired a Makerbot Gen3 by replacing its builtin power supply with a PC power supply cabled from the outside of the machine. So while the replacement stack of power supplies might not fit in the chassis, why not make an external chassis and run wires into the machine?

I believe all the motor drivers are part of the power supply.

once the power supply is removed then there should be room for new motor drivers. Then again, it sounds like they put all the electronics on one board/box so calling it a “power supply” isn’t quite correct.

Should the power supply be the broken part it’s not possible to replace with a salvaged one from another machine.
Glowforge software being cloud based checks the unique identifier of each machine.
If the cloud sees the identifier doesn’t match, it won’t work.
Power supply includes some motion control, high voltage for the laser, 90V for LED lights, 24V, 12V, and 5V, 3V.
“Right to repair law” would completely change the Glowforge business model.


I’m looking for a salvage power supply, I did check the switch at back side and it is working, i I’ll remove my power supply this weekend and check inside of it, if have some internal fuse or bad capacitor, but if you guys know where I can find a new one or salvage one I’ll be happy

Look for Jonathan in the Facebook Glowforge Users Group (GUG). He sells salvaged Glowforge parts.

Thank you I will try