Replacing power supply in Glowforge

Thanks PaPa Steve I’m going to go check that right now. Hopefully I will see a part number.

Yes, the part I’m looking for is the Lid FPC v10!

For info:*1jt875k*_ga*MTg1MjUzOTQwMy4xNjk5NDQ3NzEw

Check your message box.

Wondering if there are any videos of how to replace the power supply? I was lucky enough to purchase a replacement power supply from GF for my GF pro & hoping to do that this weekend

No idea if there are any repair videos for the Glowforge.
Removing all the top pieces is the first trick to discover.
The two side pieces are held in place with harpoon style latches.
With the center top open look inside to see that they disguised the latches with round stickers over the latch, remove the stickers.
Glowforge probably has special tools to pull the latches up.
If memory serves well some stiff wire bent to the correct shape did the trick.
Bicycle spokes, welding rod or the like.
Lots of double sided tapes is used through out the machine.
A heat gun helps to soften for ease of removal otherwise use blades or putty knifes to break thru the tape.
Hope that helps.