Putting together a circle of Makibox resources on Google+, anybody you'd recommend?

Putting together a circle of Makibox resources on Google+, anybody you’d recommend?

@Elliott_Polk for software issues, @Jonathan_Buford for hardware issues. There is also @Nils_Hitze , but he’s the community manager, has no idea how the printer works, had the first beta Makibox in his hands a few weeks now and he wasn’t able to show anything printed with it yet. Other beta boxes have been sent out, but no one has shown any prints done. So, yeah, that about it so far.

Thanks @Gabriel_Petrut !

Man i do love honest people.

Ignore the fact that the boards usb broke, i was on vacation & the front panel was missing. I got the replacement board on Thursday and had been away due to my dads birthday & family time.

And i do know very well how a 3dPrinter works, KTHXBYE

I’ve been obsessed since they launched, but @Nils_Hitze has taken over disseminating information so I’ve stopped badgering @Jonathan_Buford :slight_smile:

The 2 Betas currently on their way are going to @Henrik_Peiss and myself. I’ll try to document it more than Nils ;p

Thanks for chiming in guys! I’ve seen some information floating around about the printer here and there but it was hard to tell what was based on hands-on experience and what was conjecture.

I put the circle together so I could know as much as possible before my machine shows up :slight_smile:

I’m aware of the forum on http://makibox.com, but are there any other good sources of information out there for this machine?

Thanks again!

Well, there’s the mailing list, where you might find some new bits and discussions: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/makibox

Once all is up and running there’ll surely be g+ community, too

In addition to the two above, there is another beta coming my way that just shipped today.
When we all receive them I’m sure there will be tons of new videos and pictures! And people to answer questions without bugging Jon :wink:

Wrong place for my rant, I’ll re-post where I first wanted it.


+MakiBox Beta Adventures

It is a page someone is using to post his progress

That someone is @Matthias_Lewen-Riege

@Gabriel_Petrut nils.hitze@makible.com if you feel the need to put your frustration somewhere