Openbuilds Extrusion tap alignment jigs

Ever needed to tap openbuilds or similar aluminum extrusion and wanted it to be easier? Print the jig(s) you need, use alcohol on a spiral flute (not spiral tip) tap, and chuck it in a drill with a clutch, with the clutch set light. You can probably tap all the depth you need in a single pass without reversing to break the chip, but might depend on your tap. I recommend polished flute taps.

The smallest jig works for 2020, 2040, 2060, or 2080; the large square for 4040, and the C-shaped one for C-beam. The large parts of the holes are for the chips that the spiral flute taps eject out the top.

Made with the realthunder fork of FreeCAD.


Finally actually used the final design of one of these instead of an early prototype. Worked great!