Ok I need a couple of parts for my electric motorcycle. 1.

Ok I need a couple of parts for my electric motorcycle. 1. Primary drive cover. 2. Chain guard. I have access to the original chain guard that needs some modification for the larger rear sprocket. I am in Canberra Australia and I can’t wait until I get my printer in Sept.

Any contacts?

I’m in Isabella Pl.
What size are the parts? (I’ve got 6x6" Printrbot)

6" by 6" should easily do the primary drive cover. Chain guard is longer but we may be able to split it in half for the print.

I don’t have any useful contacts for you in oz (I’m in nz) but I’d advise you got your parts printed in nylon as it’s much more durable than ABS and PLA.

Thx Tim. I am hoping to get the initial version printed for roadworthy then use them as blanks for fibreglass or carbon fibre.

Do you need it designed or do you have a .stl?

I have the STL (well as good as I can do) for the primary drive cover. The chain guard will be more difficult but less urgent.

does this work… https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4-uNyh_2Nq0c2JjYUhXN1RyZlk/edit?usp=sharing

It would print best curved side up, ie vertically, would not need support material.
I’ll print one for you. Natural ABS OK?

That would be wonderful!

Printing now, had to go horizontal with support, too high vertically. Just haven’t got around to installing my longer Z axis yet…

Great, thanks. Let me know when and where I can collect and what you want for your effort. Just email me with my name at http://gmail.com. first.last for name.