ok halp me goingz crazy I'm trying to print PLA on a heated bed

ok halp me goingz crazy

I’m trying to print PLA on a heated bed without blue tape and I can’t get it to stick right. I’ve tried hair spray, I’ve tried purple glue stick, I’ve tried 50c and 65c, the first layer will curl as it’s being printed.

What am I missing here ?
Which setup works for you?

Have you re-set your Z height zero without the tape? Now you have a larger gap to fill. I’f you’ve already set this, you might try a fatter first layer extrusion. Heating can help to some extent with PLA. However 50C may be excessive. With glue stick, I’d start with the bed heat off and if that doesn’t work well, try 30C.

I also like to apply the glue without heat on.

Yes, I adjusted the z to compensate for the tape thickness. I’ve tried in the past several times to use cold glass + glue stick and it never worked, so I got a heated bed. After you apply the glue stick, should it be tacky ? Mine feels like frosted glass, it’s not tacky at all after a few minutes when the glue dries.

PVA [white] glue on clean 60 C glass works really well for me. Try a 2mm brim, 4 loopskirt 2mm from object.

Shouldn’t really feel tacky. Maybe time to check extruder temp and see if it is reading wrong or you need to work at a higher temp. I do a lot of PLA at 205-210C.

Be sure to start with clean glass too.

I have not tried PVA glue. I’ll test this next, thanks !

Glass that I have only works well on one side. Other side had a coating and it doesn’t adhere. Try flipping your glass and see how that works for you. Also, start bed heating before extruder. Takes time to get heat through glass. I run my bed at 70c for PLA.

No issues here with 70c and 2coats of aquanet before printing. Pla is much easier to stick than abs.

I’ll clean with windex before applying the 2 coats of hairspray and letting them dry on the bed heater.

PVA glue dissolved about 10:1 with distilled water, 10 water to 1 glue, on a 57-65°C bed, I have been using that for the last 8 months or so. Works every time. A quick wipe of fresh stuff every other print and a clean/recoat every 5 or so prints.

Specifically I’ve been using Elmer’s school glue, $1 at wally world for at least a year’s supply

Try using alcohol based hairspray. It’ll dry faster the water based hairspray (aquanet). Once dry, smear elmers glue stick on top.

No every hairspray is good. I use only garnier fructis, it holds good and it does smel good also.
The other thing might be your filament, I had once problem with one roll, wouldnt stick no matter what, then I turned on the fan for the whole print, even the 1st layer and worked like a charm. Oh an do use heated bed at60.