Not strictly a 3d printing post,

Not strictly a 3d printing post, but I may soon be in the position to repurpose an optical lens CNC machine for my self. I’m looking to get maybe a smoothie board or board that runs smoothie Ware . I was also considering the reARM project? What are your guys and gals thoughts? Also any one know a great CNC community as good as the 3d printing this one?

Check out the LaserWeb community. They’ve got a really nice web-based CNC software that will do mills, lasers, etc. They’ve put a lot of work into it, and the community is a tight-knit one. Additionally, their software works with smoothieware boards such as the ReARM, Cohesion 3D Remix/Mini, etc. I’m not sure how different an optical lens CNC is from any other CNC, but I assume with some work it would be adequate.

I’m thinking not different at all all the axis seem to be there and is very solid just need to work in a new control board and spindle thingy (can’t think of word)

So you’re going to make me a small mirror and lens for a 3d printed Dobsonian telescope, right?

This seems like a lot of work… Also, how accurate is that machine? It looks pretty old.

I’d imagine pretty accurate, given it was originally made for lens work. At least good enough for my purposes I think.

@Kevin_Danger_Powers ​ plus I intended it as a long term project. Just like my #takai-san

I’ve got a sister of your machine. An Isel 3020. Has a pretty old controller but does the job like a champ, even with a 2kw spindle!

@J_Manuel_Gomez-de-Ga ​ I’d love to hear everything you have to say about your machine!!! Would be a great help in planning my adventure into CNC land.

Wow I looked up your machine and they could indeed be blood relatives. Lol noice

Control boards look damn near identical

Well, the controller is only able to interpolate in two axis, so no helicoidal interpolation is possible. Has no standard NC language and you should use old software like “Kay” to control the machine and translate the g-code.
However, reliable with very good mechanic. Congratulations

Thank you very much for the info. I think I’m going to make this a pet project where I replace the board with a 32 bit board that uses smoothie Ware. See if I can get the most out of this puppy