Ive been having issues extruding pla on my printer....

Ive been having issues extruding pla on my printer… It isnusually cartridge fed but got around that. It only jams when it is doing infill which is at a faster speed… Would slowing down the infill help?

Probably, but you’re treating a symptom.
You may have a partial blockage, or some other problem.

Ot prints just fine in the beginning. Cleared it out just to make sure. Filament flows just fine for the first layer or so and then the extruder clicks and stops extruding when it gets to the infill which is faster

Maybe your melt zone is too short for that speed of print. Maybe your temp is too low. Maybe the nozzle is damaged…
There are so many variables that it’s hard to diagnose without knowing EVERYTHING about the printer.

Ok. Well i tried a crappy brand of pla its like $20 a kilo and it seems to be working just fine now… Makerbot filament was giving issues which makes me wonder

Could be a temperature issue. Different brands, even colors, of filament will require different temperatures for good extrusion.

Ok. Well I’ll play with it. Was trying 220c which was the highest reccomended temp when it wasn’t working. Scared to go past that

Most extruders can go up to an actual temp of 245C without trouble. 220C seems a bit high for PLA, though; I don’t go over 205C for PLA.

Sounds like your hotend can’t handle the increased flow rate. Can you see the extruder temp in real time through the host software ?

Yes and no. Usually you can but im using slic3r to write code and importing it and converting it to a different format (crappy locked cartridge printing printer) and it screws up the print when i try to monitor it.

Just out of curiosity what printer do you use? Is it a 3d systems cube or something like that?

Its a davinci 1.0. Took some tuning and backdoors but I got it to print with rolls and pla. Cartridges only come in abs. But for $500 its worth all the work to male it print well. As of now the quality is up there with maker bots. I just completed a good pla print and its amazing