Issues printin in wood PLA

Printer is a Ender V3 Max Neo, with stock build plate, glass with the balck (carbon?) layer.
Slicer is Simplify3D.
Material is OVV3D (manufacturer says its 30% wood material).

I saw a 4 pack of wood material on Amazon, it looked awesome so I got it.
Can not get this stuff to print to save my life…

I jumped in clueless and used normal PLA settings, a 0.4 nozzles, 60deg plate and 200deg nozzle temp. This ended with a clog in the hotend throat/nozzle after about 30min of printing.
Did a little digging online and realized I needed a larger nozzle. Switched to a 0.8 nozzle and tried again. I tried the same print twice (the top to a garden lantern) and both prints failed after about an hour and 20 min. In both cases material just stoped being extruded.
I figured a clog was still an issue, but both times I was able to heat the nozzle back up, open the extruder and with no more effort than usual push material through the nozzle.
The first of these 2 prints was done at 60deg plate 200deg nozzle, the second print was done at 60deg plate and 210deg nozzle.
The extruder itself does not seem to be an issue as i have printed several items in normal PLA since the last attempt just fine.

Clueless as to where to go from here to get this stuff printing…

30% additive is actually quite a high percentage, especially if by weight and not volume.

What does the reel sticker (or original sales listing) say to use as the nozzle print temp? Have you tried raising that? This is the first place to start. pump it up a lot, I’d try 220 to start, and see if that help things to keep flowing smoothly.

Bigger nozzles help too, stick with the 0.8 one, or even go bigger.

I can not find anything that says if that 30% is by weight or volume.

The tag on the spool says nozzle temp should be 200-220.

Currently working on a big print, but should be done in another 6ish hours. I will try the wood stuff again after that.
I will start at 220 and work up from there.

Thanks for reply =)

Might have to reduce max volumetric extrusion rate in your slicer, since you successfully printed for over an hour. You might have just gotten to a part where you exceeded how fast it could melt, extruder may have ground a flat part on the filament, and then it will stop extruding without an actual clog.