Is anyone else having trouble getting orders from MakerGeeks ?

(Preston Bannister) #1

Is anyone else having trouble getting orders from @MakerGeeks ? Been wanting this US maker of filament to succeed, but near to losing hope.

I see my August Geek Box was charged on the 17th. As the July box has not yet arrived, this is not good. Also two other orders are not yet fulfilled, and no response from two emails to their support address.

Missing in order of billing date:
July 12 - missing 4 from 6 spools of Crystal PLA ordered.
July 14 - missing 1 spool of HTPLA Raptor ordered.
July 17 - missing the July Geek Box (2 spools?).
August 17 - missing the August Geek Box (though not really expected, as yet).

Might be time to go to my credit card company, and dispute charges. Not wanting to do this. :frowning:

(Greg Copeland) #2

Supposedly if you’re not doing the grab bag the order is very iffy. They do one thing well and that’s their grab bag. Anything else is iffy.

I’ve actually had good experience with them but I’ve read many a problem just like yours.

Really frustrating because I love their petg.

(Stephanie A) #3

I had serious issues with them in the past, bad filament, shortage on orders, not honoring returned spools.

(Preston Bannister) #4

Well, asked for an update (again) from MakerGeeks support, a week ago, and no response. Sent an email asking all outstanding orders cancelled, and got response within a day.

Though no charges have been refunded, as yet.

(Stephanie A) #5

Thats about the extent of customer service we received. Really confusing how they survived.

(Preston Bannister) #6

@Stephanie_A Guessing they are really a wholesaler, convinced they want to be a retailer. That they do large volume with few customers, and serve those well enough. Just a guess.