Interesting problem - looks like the bolts that came with the to secure the

Interesting problem - looks like the bolts that came with the #Frankenbot to secure the hot end and extruder to the stepper are 1-2mm too long. I thought it was a bit stiff trying to get the bolt in far enough to secure the hot end. I had it barely snug and realized something was wrong. Check the stepper assembly bolt- I was backing it out!

(I loosened the supplied bolt and removed the hot end for the picture)

So guess I’ll be trimming the hot end assembly bolts by a smidge.

Wow. Never seen that before… Quite odd. Take one of the other bolts that fits out and see if it’s the bolt that is sized wrong or the motor’s threading.

I checked all 3 and they are all about 2mm too long. I have some similar bolts from my Simple Maker Kit (that I’ve been upgrading) and they are either the same length (ie: too long), or too short. So I took my little rotary tool and nipped them. All good now.

I don’t include bolts the n the kit (that I remember:) so yes, shorter bolts should do the trick. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Same thing happened with my Cobblebot. sheared off two before I realised what was happening

@Brook_Drumm ​ Well, then I guess I’m in for another surprise when I finally need the bolts I used to assemble the hot end… LOL! And no worries, this is half the fun!

@Mark_Rehorst ​ maybe (moot point now that I’ve trimmed them to size), but the main block looks like it really should be flush against the stepper.

Have no problem with mine, if you need more nuts and bolts and are within the US, The Home Depot has a good selection of sizes used for printers pretty cheap.