I'm running a Printrbot  Simple upgraded with the X and Y extension from Thingsverse.

I’m running a @Printrbot Simple upgraded with the X and Y extension from Thingsverse. Prints are amazing. However I’m getting a LOT of vibration noise on the Y axis. If I reduce the speed the vibration are less, but still present. Any ideas on how to reduce the vibrations?

I’m not familiar with these printers specifically, but I wonder if you could put a layer of cork between the motor and the frame.

@Mike_Miller I think there is clearance enough for that. So you think the vibration would come from the motor and not the belt ?

@Andre_Courchesne1 I had this problem with the Y axis upgrade at first. Mine turned out to be the belt rubbing on itself where it doubles back near the motor. Make sure your belt is quite tight, or it sags and the teeth rub each other.
Other than that, I’d suggest lubrication of the rods, maybe?

Is the vibration coming from in-filling smaller spaces? I’ve noticed mine shakes pretty good when rocking back and forth - I spotted a “Vibration: x Hz” setting in Slicr which implies an attempt to dampen those.

@Alex_Wiebe Yeah the honeycomb infill and the long fast moves are the worst.
This post explains the idea behind that Slic3r setting: http://3dlabtek.weebly.com/1/post/2013/06/vibration-limit-in-slic3r.html
I’ll have to try it out.

Just read the article - 15KHz? 9KHz? Yikes - ok, I know less now than I thought I did a few minutes ago. I assumed it was to deal with macro movements in the 5-20Hz range - you know, where the printer starts walking off the table because an axis is rocking the whole thing back and forth.

I started to have some excessive noise on mine and I put some small amounts of triflow lubricant on the rods and Z axis screw and it went away.

Mine did this from the stepper getting too much current. It sounded mechanical, like a bad bearing, but it was just over powered.

Edit: Super cool mods BTW!

Thanks guys, I’ll try and check every one on these things.

@Matthew_Satterlee I don’t have much credit on the mods, just tool the Thingsverse parts, printed them and assembled. The fact that I bought the @Printrbot as a kit helped me a lot in understanding how the machine was build and designed.

+1 on @Tim_Sills statement. I also found my printer got a lot quieter when I rested it on some Paper Towel pads…the table was acting as a resonating board.

I had the same problem with my table amplifying the vibrations. A large mouse pad took care of it for me.

Hey even i am using ramps1.4 with step sticks, my steppers make vibrations while
Printing on slower speeds…
When i connect same steppers to my printrboard it works well…
Can anyone help??