I'm in on the RigidBot KickStarter,

I’m in on the RigidBot KickStarter, but I’m getting impatient. What is a cheap printer I can get to help me learn and keep me busy until my “real” printer arrives?
I prefer a small printer that I can move around. Cost is probably #1 concern. Build area is not important (I can start small), and resolution doesn’t have to be the greatest.
I am good with electronics and making things, so a scratch-build is not out of the question (if I could get a BOM).
Any suggestions and/or links are appreciated.

Something from Printrbot, maybe: http://printrbot.com/product-category/printrbot-kits/

… especially a printrbot Simple kit.

Printrbot Simple. I got in as a beta but it’s still hard to beat the price. Plus the experience of building from a kit is fun.

Printrbot Simple, for sure.


@Nigel_Dickinson Can you give me a bit more so I can compare? Do you mean build a Huxley style? Any place to get a full BOM so I can price it out?

Look on RepRappro and their wiki.

@Nigel_Dickinson Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like a kit would be ~$600US; that’s the total I have invested in RigidBot, even after all the extras.
PrintrBot looks really tempting at $300US. I have one in the “cart”, ready to order.
Any other suggestions from the community before I pull the trigger?

The only drawback to the PrintrBot Simple is the print size - I find I can’t go much beyond 95mmx95mmx90mm or so. But resolution is fine - I can reliably print 0.25mm layers - and it’s certainly good enough for small projects and general noodling around. I’m eyeing other options now because the print size is a major limitation, but I have no intention of getting rid of the Simple - I’ll just be running two (or more) printers.

There is a $65 build volume upgrade for the Simple, here: http://printrbot.com/shop/printrbot-simple-build-volume-upgrade/ Supposedly, it increases the volume to 7.5″ x 4″ x 7.5″ (190mm x 100mm x 190 mm). What’s more, some spare parts from your local HW store may allow you to upgrade on your own, such as here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:121820

@Jim_Peterson Sa-WEET! Never noticed that before - ordering it now!