I'm currently in the market for some 1kg spools of filament.

I’m currently in the market for some 1kg spools of filament. I’m thinking about purchasing the spools from Matterhackers at around $30 a spool, but I notice that BuMat makes 1kg spools for the same price but in more colors. I only have experience with Quantum3D (Which stopped carrying a lot of the colors I was going to buy.) I was wondering if anybody has used those two brands of filament, and what your opinions are on them.


Full disclosure, I work at MatterHackers, but what colors do you want that we don’t have? What material are you looking for?

Also, I’m not familiar with BuMat, but their Amazon reviews are less than stellar for the ABS. Not sure what material you’re looking at, but we have free shipping, and a 30-day window for returns if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

@Taylor_Landry Thanks for your quick reply!

1.75mm PLA is the material I use for printing. And you guys carry all the colors I could ever want :slight_smile: Have you guys ever had experience printing with the non-PRO series PLA on a Printrbot Simple Metal?

Yes, we’ve printed lots. The standard series PLA is great for everyday printing. The main differences between them are the color options and the PRO series is made in the USA.

Also try @ProtoParadigm1 ​. They have $5 sample baby spools so you can try multiple colors. High quality filament and made in the USA. They’ve been around for years. The 1kg is around 25 bucks

@Taylor_Landry Awesome. Think I’ll pick myself up a few of those. You’ve awesome!
@Eric_Moy I’ll take a look. Thanks for the suggestion!