I Want A 3D Prosthetic Hand If some one can sell me i want

(Rameez Hasan) #1

I Want A 3D Prosthetic Hand If some one can sell me i want to know the price email me if you can sell me.

(Adam Steinmark) #2

Hopefully this isn’t a spam post.

Are you looking for something functional or just for display? I can help with either, I’ve got experience designing and modifying existing prothetics or if you’re just looking for something cool to show off I’ve got some old prototypes I can send you.

If you’re just looking for files http://enablingthefuture.org is a great site and they have resources that tell you how to modify and assemble their designs. These designs don’t work for everyone and I’ve had to make a custom prosthesis for someone before.

(Rameez Hasan) #3

@Adam_Steinmark it is my science fair project i am participating in provincial level science fair i just want to show a sample of prosthetic hand to my mentor
if he says ok then i’ll add some advancement in it

(Adam Steinmark) #4

What kind of “advancement” are you planning to add? I may have some smaller test prints that are roughly the size of a toddler’s hand.

(Rameez Hasan) #5

oww no the advancement doesnt depend on structure, and the advancement is my own thinking so cant tell you until i make it

(Rameez Hasan) #6

can i have your email? its kinda difficult to talk here

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(Nick Boone) #8

You could also check out http://www.teamunlimbited.org/ as well as enabling the future for more info

(Rameez Hasan) #9

@Adam_Steinmark i just need a prototype for now if you can help me please

(Rameez Hasan) #10

@Nick_Boone i’ve emailed you please check it out

(Nick Boone) #11

These aren’t the sort of things you go out and buy, they’re all custom designed for the person. If you get in touch with one of the local chapters on the enable website that probably your best bet. Or download the files and get them printed yourself or from somewhere like 3d hubs

(Adam Steinmark) #12

I sent you an invitation to connect on hangouts. Feel free to message me though there

(Rameez Hasan) #13

@Adam_Steinmark i dont have hangout i just use hotmail, gmail, facebook or instangram

(Rameez Hasan) #14

@Nick_Boone i just need a prototype for now

(Nick Boone) #15

Thats how you’re going to get a prototype, no one can sell you a 3d printed prosthetic. 3d printed stuff like this doesn’t exist in a shop

(Rameez Hasan) #16

@Nick_Boone how can i get one? its just important for me and i aint selling or just showing off it i just want to do better for humanity

(Nick Boone) #17

Get in touch with the people on those websites, go and look and read them. They are the community designing and making them.

(Rameez Hasan) #18

@Nick_Boone cant you help me in anyway?

(Nick Boone) #19

What do you want me to do, i have no connection with these, i just know about then and though they’d be able to hello you out

(Rameez Hasan) #20

@Nick_Boone ohh i thought you make this stuff