I have upgraded my AM8 to an E3D V6 Bowden Setup.

I have upgraded my AM8 to an E3D V6 Bowden Setup. Now the nozzle is oozing and dripping when it’s heating up. And also the prints especially small perimeter don’t stick to the heatbed. I am printing on glass. What can cause these problems?

Incorrect retraction and re-priming settings most likely.

Make sure you changed the settings for the thermistor if it is not the same, it could be heating the hot end too high.

What size nozzle does the AM8 come with as standard? I say this because with an E3D hotend, if you just order it, you get a 0.4 nozzle. Bigger nozzles ooze more.

This doesn’t invalidate any of what has been said already, all of that is worth a look too!

Retractiondistance is 4mm with 60mm/s. Was the best result of ratraction tests. Nozzle is a .4mm. What do I have to change regarding to the thermistor? I have done pid tuning.

If it is dripping and oozing while it is heating up then retraction probably doesnt come into play yet. It is normal for some filament to come out if the nozzle is heated and sits for a while, but if is dripping out oozing I would say the temp is too high. There is a thermistor setting for the type of thermistor you are using, for a ramps setup it is compiled into the firmware. For a setup that uses a config file (azteeg x5 v3) there is a setting in the file.

Taken from E3d V6 install manual:

Reconfigure your firmware for the Semitec 104GT2 thermistor: In configuration.h:

#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 5
For safety it is strongly recommended to do the following:

Set the minimum temperature to detect bad wiring (HEATER_0_MINTEMP 5 in configuration.h)


Use thermistor definition “Semitec”:

temperature_control.hotend.thermistor Semitec
Upload the new firmware to your electronics.

As far as it not sticking to the bed, make sure you re-adjust your z-height home position as defined by your printer’s manual, if you havent done so already.

I have a bl touch. Z offset is calibrated. Before the v6 I had no problem with small perimeters not sticking to the heat bed. I will check the settings regarding the thermistor.

@Jan19998 Gotta love the bltouch! Once the offset is correct, zheight issues are no more!

The thermistor settings were right by default.

The beginning of the first layer looks like this.missing/deleted image from Google+

In the corners should also be circles, there it didn’t lay anything.

it doesn’t matter if retraction is on or off same result

maybe someone has another idea?

@Jan19998 can you post a video of it running so we can see what it’s doing?

@Kevin_Danger_Powers I will do one tomorrow.

i may have solved the not sticking issue. but the filament still stucks to the nozzle a lot.

Nope haven’t solved it. A different filament and titan extruder haven’t changed anything.

@Kevin_Danger_Powers if I print with a brim should it be .2mm when I measure it or less?

@Jan19998 a brim should be the same thickness as your first layer.