I have to get me a new printing plate.

I have to get me a new printing plate. From your experience, what is the best plate to use for ABS?

Plate? Do you mean like a surface to print on? Most people use borosilicate glass. There’s a growing movement towards using some “glue” on the glass, as well. Im sure some of the others will be able to help out more. Good luck!

window glass with kapton tape and a little ABS juice. (Acetone mixed with ABS) Apply a light coat or it will take a lot of work to remove the part from the glass.

Thin stainless steel plate over the heating circuit. Look at the MakiBox.com for the example.

Glass that is cleaned with a non-residue cleaner. If the parts don’t stick a light coating of hairspray might work…

I tried glass, but adhesion is minimal. Even if i used Aceton with ABS in it larger prints often got loose. What did work was roughening the glas with some sandpaper and then use ABS/Aceton, but i never get the glas rough in a more or less uniform way. Did anyone ever try sandblasting?
So far the best method i tried was a CFK plate, it wore down after a while and is expensive though.
@Justin_Hubbard Perfboard? What i sthat?
@Gabriel_Petrut I’ll check out what they do with the MakiBox, but i’m somehow in doubt that a simple steel plate will work.
Thanks for all your input on this.

I use ordinary glass over a heated PCB with a large square of Kapton on top. Aqua Net hairspray helps too. Some people rough up the Kapton but I haven’t and I have pretty good resuls.

I’ve always just used regular window-pane glass at 115C. No kapton, no sanding, just regular ol’ glass.

@ThantiK When i tried with >100°C for the bed in the past i always got what i call an elephant foot, the print was wider at the bottom. I did not try it with glas at that time though so i’ll give that a go :slight_smile:

@Justin_Hubbard Ah ok, yes that sounds worth a try. I actually thought about putting the dremel in my reprap and make it cut grooves in the glas. I didn’t do it though because of the glas powder.

@ThantiK I tried it on glas with the plate @110°C (measured on the top of the plate) and the print warps and i get the elephant foot :frowning: