I did a first print which was a boardcover for the K8200,

I did a first print which was a boardcover for the K8200, but there was problems as it warped very badly causing the layers to come apart; the entire horizontal plane is very fragile as it has a lot of air bubbles and defects like the one badge i was trying to print out.

I did some adjustments but the biggest problem is that the higher the layer goes, the more often the defects gets worser as shown in the second picture of a white, wavey square.

It should also be noted that the printer is a velleman K8200 stock with no upgrades, and the filiment i’m using is ABS which i know has many problems with warping, not so for small thing like badges or plaques but a major concern like the boardcover or a vase i want water tight.

I’m hoping in the future i could print out more parts, upgrade my K8200 and innovate my projects even further.

Use a markforgedhead kevlor 3d printer
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@nathaniel_halyard sadly i don’t really have enough time or resources to get another printer, all i’m focusing on is the K8200 which is very configurable and hackable. I’m still a novice by the way! :stuck_out_tongue:

People have had lots of warping problems with the K8200 from what I have seen. I would add a PEI sheet to the bed and see what it does. They usually work magic if you have a heated bed.

Could be a couple of things. First, the box looks like there are holes in the print on the inside, perhaps your ABS has moisture in it? Notice any popping sounds while printing? Second the flat square just may be a cleaning issue or bed prep.

@Nathan_Walkner the trouble with enclosing this is I have a very limited space to do so. @Keith_Applegarth ​ the ABS was properly packaged in a vaccum sealed bag with a dessicant packet which eliminates any chances of moisture along with no audible sounds of popping during printing. @Griffin_Paquette ​ I assume, since the actual prints moves on x,y, the movement actually cools some parts of the print to cause warping issues, although i’m not sure if that is the correct theory but it’s really bad for 3D printing :confused: