How would one go about making a cheap an dirty acetone vapor chamber to

How would one go about making a cheap an dirty acetone vapor chamber to finish abs prints?

And by cheap and dirty I just mean cheap DIY.

Empty paint can? I haven’t tried it myself yet.

I have a few sangs and heated beds laying around I thought about making an enclosure and modding the sang to handle the current for the heated bed and enclose it all and do it that way, and make a minimalistic stand to set objects in the middle.

Just got an idea ill post later with details.

Here is DIY, with a condenser coil to contain the vapor -

And cheap but not DIY, the Presto steamer. It takes literally 3-5 minutes from getting it out of the cabinet to a smooth print-

From every post I have read on the topic you want the following:
1:A large container that is not acetone soluble (opening larger than your print, walls taller)
2: a 1-2 cm tall non acetone soluble.
3: a wire coat hanger
4: a hot plate with fine control.
Place container on hot plate.
Pour acetone in the bottom (make sure that the acetone is not deeper than your stand is tall)
bend the coat hanger to make a hook that you can set your stand on.
Heat your container of acetone until it starts to boil, you should be able to see a cloud forming. This cloud should be above the head of the object for best results, it will rise when you add the object clearly
Place your object in the vapor cloud, try to make sure you do not let the cloud “boil over” just for safeties sake
Allow the part to sit for a few minutes in the developed cloud
Pull out the part and stand with the hook
Wait till the acetone finishes evaporating.

Mistakes I have noticed:
Wood part stands, the woods wicks the acetone and dissolves the feet
Not making a hook, this causes the people to burn them selves
Placing the part then starting the heat, this means the cloud polishes the feet much more than the head
Not letting the cloud develop due to lack of heat, this causes the feet to melt if left too long
Over boiling, this floods the room with acetone vapors not a huge issue but could be a fire hazard if not properly ventilated.