How the f*** do you get Faberdashery PLA onto a spool?

How the f*** do you get Faberdashery PLA onto a spool?
Without it becoming a huge, entangled mess the moment you start?
Without getting and kinks into it because of loops that get tighter and tighter.
Without everything coming down from the table into the workshop floor where it could get dusty.

This is the first time in all these years that I got filament that is not already on a spool. (I ordered the full 100m to not get a plastic bag with an entangled knot inside.)

I have 2000m of black PLA in my basement. 1.75mm. Not sure how to get that on spools. Should be fun.

Next time I’ll pay extra just to have another dealer that ships on spools.

What about this: or maybe something like:

Jan, Marcus, bring in the PLA and I will wind it on spools for you :slight_smile:
I’ve got my PLA on spools in about a handfull of minutes, while having a beer in the other hand.

How do you do that?

I can’t speak to the specific plastic, but I got some plastic with my ToM that was not on a spool, and I dealt with it by putting it into a round cannister. It took my backyard, a lot of patience, and a lot of unwinding before I could wind again. Kinks happen when its too twisted up.

The problem is that it’s not a spiral. Sometimes I see the filament going down in between 2 other parts of the filament and pulling only helps to create knots and tight loops that result in kinks in the filament.

I understand! But again, it just required a lot of patience. If you unwind a bit, and then wind that properly into a small spool of some kind, then you feed it through the rest, to unwind. Or you twist one section clockwise and the other counterclockwise. Like I said, patience. Having the “cleaned up” portion on as small and narrow a spool as you can manage helps. I think I also attacked it from both ends at one point. Tedious. I think in all it took me three days to get it feeding right.

Print a spool, stop whining oh and @Roger_Schoeni hand me another beer please

@Jan_Wildeboer 2 km? WTF!

I have a spool. Why else would I complain about getting it onto the spool.
Just had a hard time 2 days ago because it created lots of knots that would get smaller and tighter and create kinks and it generally didn’t want to cooperate all the time.
Thus I asked for the best method to do that.

Whats wrong with using it loose, I just hang it on a PTFE plastic tube with M8 threaded rod and washers at the end and let it unwind naturally as it prints, never have any problems. you can also then cut it and put it back in the bag when finished.

I’d have to get all of that first while having a perfectly good spool and spool holder.
The question is literal.
HOW best to get it onto a spool?
WHAT technique works best without creating knots and loops and kinks?

@Marcus_Wolschon Thats why I suggested a spool that can be assembled… the laser cut spool lets you take a side off, slip on a coil of filament, bolt on the side and go printing. Otherwise there just is no easy way to get filament on a normal spool.


Heat Gun, power drill, guiding rail, done. The Trick IS to Wind the filamentbas dense as possible. The Heat gun helps in getting it coiled up nicely. But dont make it too warm or your filament will suffer n