Hiya! New here. I'm having trouble with my print bed,

(Daniel Marshall) #1

Hiya! New here.

I’m having trouble with my print bed, and I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s a piece of crap. It came with my RoBo 3d r1.

I’m trying to find a good replacement, but I can’t figure out what to get. I don’t mind doing the install or upgrading firmware, but I’d like it to fit without altering the x/y arms.

I also replaced the extruder with an e3dv6, so I’d like a bed that can reach 120C for polycarb.

Any suggestions?

(Ishaan Gov) #2

You would probably have to go with a silicone heater to get the power that you would need, which probably also means you would need an aluminum heat spreader to go along with; The heater mat may have to be a custom size, with a power somewhere along the 275 to 300W range; this may also require a power supply upgrade, or a separate SSR to drive the heated bed
It would be a fun endeavor though :slight_smile:

(Mike Kelly) #3

I swapped in a 24v power supply and a relay to bring the stock heater up to 400W+

Plenty of power to get well above 120C

If that’s not your dig you could swap in this one: http://www.makerfarm.com/index.php/heat-beds/10-x-10-heat-bed.html still need a relay, but increases the heated build volume and at 200W should have no problem getting to 120