Hi there, i´m having Trouble with my Custom Delta .

Hi there,
i´m having Trouble with my Custom Delta .
The Blobs on the outside , the top surface is ok its just about the blobs . It dosnt change with Temp or speed , i tested 190-235 C (PLA)
4 Fillaments and speed 20-80 mm/s. It is a Bowden setup with a 1M Bowdentube on a Wades Exruder .Tested Retract setting 2-6 mm speed 22-50 mm/s.It dosnt matter the Blobs stay the same . Anyone a good Idea ?

If the blobs are present over a range of temperature and retraction settings I would begin to suspect over-extrusion.

A good indication would be a build-up of plastic around the nozzle during printing which is partially countered by retraction but not fully.

Please keeps us posted on what you find out the solution is. some times I have the same issue using PETG

the extruder steps are fine , not skipping and its not grinding . I dont think that extruder in thining out , its the start thats sems to extruding to mutch .- after a retract. I am trying to raise the extraction length , trying 10mm right now (Its an V5 + Volcano maybe it needs more length on a long bowden) .

Shorting the filament path is not easy - the printer is over 1m high. maybe i can set the extruder on an other position and i can shorten the tube by 10-15 cm . but i dont like this option a lot …

The boden tube on my Delta is about 5 inches long. My extruder ‘stands’ on the short tube and is kept there with elastic to each of the carriages.

It just sits there and wobbles around as it prints. The mass of the stepper doesn’t move much this way.