HI!  Saw a prusa lookalike today...  It was almost identical,

(Dag Elias Sørdal) #1

Saw a prusa lookalike today…
It was almost identical, but the printed parts was designed much easier!
I think it probably would take a a couple of hours less, whit these files…
Anyone know whet printer I’m talking about ?!?! :slight_smile:

(James Brassill) #2

There are so many adaptations, remixes, improvements, and even some bad versions of the prusa printers it would be very hard to pick any one and have it be the same one you are talking about.

(Dag Elias Sørdal) #3

@James_Brassill okay then… :slight_smile: thanks anyway!

(James Brassill) #4

Do you have a picture, was there any writing on it, where did you see it? If it is some new improvement it could be a benefit to all of us who are looking to improve on our prusas

(Dag Elias Sørdal) #5

@James_Brassill thats what I tought also! No no name and I didnt ask the guy. (It was in a job siuasion, you know) I have two more weeks to work there… maybe ill ask my coworker to ask him… :slight_smile: