Hi! I just wonder where YOU buy you'r fillament??  Okay,

(Dag Elias Sørdal) #1


I just wonder where YOU buy you’r fillament??
Okay, so I am looking for nylon, PLA soft and wood :wink: good and cheap sites anyone ?? :slight_smile:

(Michiel Haisma) #2

http://www.reprapworld.com is where I get my PLA.

(Sandblastcity Blackpool UK) #3

Great service from reprapworld and quality stuff

(Dag Elias Sørdal) #4

great, thanks :wink:

(Thomas T. Sørensen) #5

http://reprapworld.com is not quality stuff! It’s cheap, but it’s pretty low quality. Buy from http://faberdashery.co.uk if you want great quality filament.

(Dag Elias Sørdal) #6

okay, any one else have an opinion on the sites above??

(Whosawhatsis) #7

The best PLA comes from http://diamondage.co.nz or their US distributer, http://printbl.com. I’ve also heard good things about faberdashery.

For laywood and nylon, there’s only one manufacturer for each, so the quality will be the same regardless of where you get it (except maybe if it’s a remnant from an old batch, from before the process was refined).

(scott maher) #8

I’ve had great luck with http://ultimachine.com. Fair prices and quality stuff.
Things are often out of stock but thats to be expected.

(Jonathan Buford) #9

We are about to get our filament production up and running. Taiwan ABS, PLA we are going to try a few different vendors materials, and I will be doing Nylons and probably PC or PC ABS soon. This is for MakiBox.com.

(David Gonzalez) #10

Soon, you can buy cheaper and good quality filament at http://repparts3d.com. Note this site. It will be awesome!!!

(Dag Elias Sørdal) #11

thanks folks for a lot of good answers!!

(Peter Brandon) #12

Ultimachine is the only stuff I buy. It’s consistently good quality and works really well. They also have good shipping and customer service. Plus the send you free samples of other colors with every order so you can try other colors. It’s pretty sweet

(Dag Elias Sørdal) #13

same stuff or not?

(Sandblastcity Blackpool UK) #14

Had 5-6 2.3kg reels from reprapworld with no printing problems whatsoever, 2-3 day delivery to the UK. They work for me…

(Peter Brandon) #15

Yeah that’s the stuff I use from Ultimachine. Not sure about the makemendel. Ultimachine makes their own filament. A lot of other companies just import from China

(Joseph Chiu) #16

I now sell filament that I think is a good value for the price – https://www.tindie.com/shops/toybuilder/