Hi. Any one that got an idear on how to solve these issues with

Hi. Any one that got an idear on how to solve these issues with the material getting stuck.

Make sure you never, ever, let go of the end of your filament. as soon as it tangles freely it will slip under another winding and spoil the spool forever. Unless, that is, you unwind (and rewind) a huge part of the filament until you get down to the “clean” windings.

yes, with time an patience (and a set of extra hands) unwrap all the filament and put it back properly. It will be a mess, but its doable.

I was afraid that was the solutions :frowning:

The best solution, in my opinion, is prevention. Make a nice setup, and you won’t have problems like these in the future.

I found in the past that sometimes if you kept the all the filament loose enough you could still print and the tangle wouldn’t be a huge problem.
Still you should re spool it.

But what if you have multiple spools or cut the filament to pack up and transport the printer (twice a week)?

I just slap on a length of painter’s tape (the wide stuff I use on my build platform for PLA) onto the spool before unloading my filament to keep the loops stationary when moving/transporting them. Much easier than trying to tie it down somehow.

or bore a hole on the spool itself, assuming it doesn’t come with one. If it’s held in place, it can’t tangle.

@Daniel_Aaron_Bislip - the gottcha with that approach is figuring out ways to maintain tension on the filament when (re)moving it so that coils don’t slip under/over one another.

I’ve never ever had this happen, here’s my setup: http://img571.imageshack.us/img571/7479/137072d06e6b4007911cc88.jpg

Never let the cut end of the filament go uncontained. When you remove it from the printer, secure the end to the spool by taping it or putting it through a hole on the spool to keep it from slipping under any of the other loops of filament.

Back in my days installing network cabling, I used to use a rubber band to secure and maintain tension on the wire-end. Basically, take the end of the wire / filament, and bend it to 90 degrees or so (2" from the end), take a rubber band and wrap it over the end (at the bend) a couple of times, and then take the excess and loop it over the circumference of the spool.

Haven’t tried it with filament yet (haven’t changed spools yet), but it should work just fine.

I just bend the end of the filament and throw it in a bag.

Like the suggestions mentioned above, respooling filament is tedious but worth the effort. I’m currently running a 2-3 hour print and I have this very same issue… Ive had this happen on a spool before, it tends to happen near the end of the filament. I have a timer set to 10min intervals so I can loosen the filament before it tightens to a tangle. Feels like baby sitting at this point.

No the feeling, but with 20hour jobs it is not an option.

suggestion : if you have those large 1kg milk powder cans, you can use it to re-spool. or even make 1 out of cardboard? unwinding the full things will be a mess, i handle lotsa cables before, you dont wanna unwind it in your house … its like a cat going ape shit on a thread! then you will have the problem of twists, while unwinding, you should see if you can un-twist them.

Full unwinding will create more knots then are in there before.
This isn’t rope. It liked to keep it’s shape.

nope … full unwinding without reeling it in simultaneously will create more knots. its like letting go a handful of toothpicks, rather than picking out each 1 … 1 by 1 … but with all of them still in 1 hand.

This usually happens when you feed with a twist