Hi all Anyone have good experience Duet 2 Wifi control board?

Hi all

Anyone have good experience Duet 2 Wifi control board?

Thats seems very nice board all needed things integraded one board? Happy to hear real life experiences that Duet 2 board how that works and are there any down sizes compare example ramps, smoothieboard etc?

Or do you know better board choice than that Duet 2?


I really like the Duet setup. The Macros are very nice and convenient to execute via G-code,
The WebGUI is flush and makes updating the firmware a breeze. The ability to add additional Axis is also very nice and simple.
I also like that it has Trinamic drivers stock, as the smoothie uses Alegro A4988/A5984 (iirc) so it’s very quiet. But the smoothie does allow for easier use of external stepper drivers

I would think the Duet is the best board on the market right now.

Duet 2 is great, I have multiple.

I love mine! I even got the 7" color touchscreen!
This board is LIGHTYEARS ahead of RAMPS (which I’ve been using for 7 years)!
A learnung curve…but DEFINITELY worth the time and money!

@Jeff_Para That’s the main problem I have - is it really worth the money. It’s very expensive :roll_eyes: I’d love one especially for my new large delta but £200+ with display feels like way too much. Even the Chinese clones are ~$145.

Why big learning curve, not get any ideas what is harder compare ramps(marlin), smoothieware etc. Is Duet 2 firmware theyr own firmware or is that some modifield marlin etc? not finded direct answer for that.

@LassiVVV Duet runs the dc42 fork of RepRapFirmware by David Crocker. It’s actively developed and very similarly easy to use as Smoothieware. You use gcodes in a text file to configure everything, there’s no compiling. Much easier than Arduino IDE firmwares like Marlin.