Hey there, I'm sick of using the printer at my maker space,

Hey there, I’m sick of using the printer at my maker space, and i am looking for a good budget 3d printer, about to pull the trigger on the Tevo Tarantula.
What do you guys think?

Press Reset on YouTube did a review of it, it should be worth watching. I forget the details. It had some safety concerns but they might have been addressed by now.

I’d personally stay away from Tevo, most of their printers are a bunch of half decent parts that make crappy printers. I don’t know how they do it. One printer can differ from the others or you’ll get an “updated” version that has parts that don’t match the assembly instructions. Tevo used to be Electron3D and I had 4 printers from them and yeah, not the best and they take a lot of work to get going.

If you’re looking in that range look at the Wanhao Duplicator i3.