Hey guys, Quick question.

Hey guys, Quick question.

How accurate is the print percentage on the Prusa i3 mk2s?

Is it a guess based on completed layers? Or based on % of material it expects to use? I’m curious how it’s calculated.

I’m printing a lithophane and it’s at 1% and almost 2 hours in.

Is it accurate? Will the hour-to-% change as it goes on?


I think print percentage is calculated based on how much of the file you have gone through (I.e 30% of the g-code file); Don’t quote me on it though

I use http://gcode.ws/ to analyze gcode that is being printed. It also shows how much time it takes to print each layer. If you check the current height of printed thing (on printer’s display), locate the layer in gcode viewer and scroll up to the top you can estimate where you are and how long it takes to finish.