Help with a software for k40 Chinese laser

Hi community. I have a question about k40 laser ingraved. I purchased one on eBay second hand and I have some software problems. I can instal none of the software. It is possible to use a different software with this? My version I have is a Moshi laser I think it’s a 2017 version. I see it on the mother board. Can someone help me with what I can doo

Your best choice for controlling a Moshi-driven laser is the new beta of #k40:meerk40t from @Tatarize


Thanks you very much :heart:. I appreciate the help. Tomorrow morning wen I arrive home after my night shift I gone tried to install it.


Nothing works guys. I am wondering I need some specific driver as well for that software. I installed merk40t but is not connecting the laser wit the software. I tried to put in the usb stick it came wit the laser and still not connecting. Do you have some suggestions guys. Thanks in advanse

You’d need to use at latest version of 0.7.0 and keep in mind it requires a switch in Device Manager to run Moshi code. It’s not yet done very easily though it does absolutely work. You need to either add a new device and delete the old one in device manager or launch it with a new profile and device “meerk40t -P 1 -d Moshi” would launch it that way. Otherwise it stays with the default M2 Nano driver. I have a planned rewrite of some of the core device stuff that hasn’t be done but one of the goals is to make using other devices easier.

Note - Mererk40t’s moshiboard support is better than ever now.


Yeah, it pretty significantly improved. I spent a couple days hammering at it prior to the 0.7.1 release.