Hello, I just finished my first prusa with Bowden extruder.

(Михаил Овсянкин) #1

Hello, I just finished my first prusa with Bowden extruder. Tried to start printing with HIPS, but it doesn’t stick to bed.
Tried 5 times with different bed and extruder temps, lowered speed to 40%. The best I could get is first 2 -3 layers, after that print detaches from bed.
In the end I clogged the extruder with something and Bowden extruder broken the filament.
I will try to clean it today but I need to know is there some way to make HIPS stick to bed?

(Jon Gordon) #2

I don’t know anything about HIPS, but a nice layer of purple glue stick, aquanet hairspray, or blue painters tape does the trick for most.

Then again, it’s HIPS so maybe not.

(Михаил Овсянкин) #3

Is there difference between blue and white tape? (except colour)

(Jon Gordon) #4

I don’t know about the other colors or types just one named 3m blue seems to be the best around.

(Uche Eke) #5

@1111122 For PLA I use blue tape wiped lightly with isopropyl alcohol. But HIPS is very much like ABS and may respond better to a layer of Kapton (polyimide) Tape on the heated bed instead.

I chose PLA not just for environmental reasons but also because it is much easier to work with. Even then, there was a lot of trial and error before I got a decent print.

(Adam Steinmark) #6

HIPS should print with the same prep as ABS. I use 3M tape (usually blue) with a layer of Elmer’s Disappearing Purple glue stick. When printing ABS, I print a brim and use a hot glue gun to stick down corners when I think a print might peel. Hot glue guns have saved me hours of failed prints and it’s easy to clean off of prints. @Uche_Eke I find 3M tape works better than Kapton but thats just my experiance.

(Михаил Овсянкин) #7

Thanks, I’ll try printing with ABS settings and other stuff.

(Griffin Paquette) #8

To be honest I would hold off on Abs for now and start with pla. The properties are much easier for starting out with.

(Richard Earl) #9

+Михаил Овсянкин for the 3M brand yes there is a difference between the colours, they have different levels of tack and adhesion, simply put tack is the amount of stick as compared to adhesion which is like glue, so a high tack - low adhesion tape will stay where it is put and be easy to remove, in theory no matter how long it is on the surface, where a high tack - high adhesion tape would stay where it is put but become increasingly more difficult to remove as the adhesive sets, in the 3M brand it used to be that the white tape had higher adhesion than the blue, I am not sure what the current specs are as there are now several more colours. The surface textures are different as well and I would assume this would also affect how well a print sticks.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #10

HIPS sticks poorly. I go as slow as 10-15mm/s for the first layer of HIPS, and I use 110˚C bed temp, and with a PEI bed surface.

Also, I think the only reason it’s used in 3D printing is to make dissolvable supports, and that ABS doesn’t stick to it too hard, so you can usually snap it away as long as it’s not inside the part somewhere.

(Михаил Овсянкин) #11

Thanks guys.