Hello community (1st post here).

(Morio Murase) #1

Hello community (1st post here).

I’m working at a modeling company where we’re starting to do our own 3D prints. I’ve previously worked with a Robo3D R1 and a Prusa MK3.

  1. Has anyone here messed with Sindoh’s printers? What did you like, and what bugged you (other than the cartridge filaments)?
  2. Do you guys have any recommendations for an enclosed 3D printer? We want to start doing some ABS prints, and while I can probably get away with stuffing our MK3 in a cardboard box, I’d like to use something that will last a bit longer and isn’t, well, a fire hazard. Dual extruders (for PVA supports) is a bonus, though not a hard requirement. Ideal print volume is MK3 (210x210x250 mm) or larger.
(Morio Murase) #2

So far I’m thinking Lulzbot TAZ 6 with the enclosure option.

  1. Sindoh’s printers look nice, but repairing them when they break down will be a hassle (part cost/availability, shipping time, etc). The “you must use this extruder for PVA at extra cost” is particularly annoying.
  2. The 3mm filament default for Lulzbot is annoying, but not a deal breaker. With the right options (enclosure, dual extruder, possible Buildtak flexplate), this setup can meet our needs. I’ll need to tune the thing, of course.