Having a problem identing pieces with my kit.

Having a problem identing pieces with my kit. The mounting pieces that attach the linear bearings to the tray are not the same as in this article: http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_Mendel_Assembly

Attached is a few photos of the kit I have and my gf holding a bracket on the linear bearing. I don’t know how I would mount them to my plate. Any advice?

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from the look of it, you can use a bolt and nuts. or you can just glue it

in theory, this would help you http://reprap.org/wiki/RepRapPro_Mendel_y_axis_assembly

By the look of it they bolt through the y plate. The bracket should have it’s flat on top. Holding it to the linear bearing - it either snaps in (scary amount of force needed) - or you zip tie through the bracket.

Also just noticed your y rods are hung under the threaded rods - they’re meant to be above (not sure why). I built mine hanging below and haven’t really had a problem.

You should have 4 y bearing mounts with your kit. They snap over the bearings and give you something to mount the bed.

Seems like those plastic pieces screw into the Y bottom plate, and then glue is used on the bushings to glue them in? From their wiki:

Snap two PLA bushings onto each of the two smooth rods. Make sure they slide freely on the rods, then position them about 120mm apart on each rod, with their top (flat) side facing up. If your bushings are rather stiff, snap them on to one end of a spare length of smooth rod, boil up a fresh mug of water and stand the other end of the rod in the mug until hot. Remove from the mug and slide the bushings down to the hot end. Leave for several minutes and then slide back to the cold end and allow to cool. The bushings should then run more smoothly. (If the bearing are still difficult to move after this technique, it may be necessary to run them up and down along a threaded rod.) Put a dab of glue (Araldite Rapid works well; superglue also works, but doesn’t allow for much fine adjustment) on the top side of the bushings. Carefully place the print bottom plate on top of the bushings, so that it’s equally far from each of the triangles (see diagram below). Allow the glue to dry.

You having fun now, yesss…

https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/104606827981899055492/albums/5765370304405365281/5765379513512505698 perhpaps that could help you?

No glue is needed. The holders screw to the Y plate, and there is a channel in them for a zip tie to hold the bearing in place.

@Albertas_Agejevas and @Richard_Mitchell you guys are right, there is a channel for zip ties. Thanks for the advice, I would have never figured that out. It seams like a very poor design (why do they do this?). I will continue the build later. For now +1 for you all with the right answers!!

P.S. The underside threaded rods were suggested in the guide saying they could impact the tray if hung above. Thanks for the advice. I may have to change it later we will see.

It works fine, you can have a look to my x-carriage at the link a posted.

@Fernando_Salceda Wow! great resource! I wish I could give you +2 Thanks!!!