Has anyone used these separate heatbed controller like you see here: http://reprap.me/heatbed-temperature-controller.html .

Has anyone used these separate heatbed controller like you see here: http://reprap.me/heatbed-temperature-controller.html. I am particularly interested to know if the power adapter board is necessary because K1 appears to be the load (where I hook up one of the heatbed wires, then K0 and GND together to the power supply negative lead and the +12V connection goes to the positive terminal of the PSU. I need to give my PrintRite printer a separately powered heatbed.

want something like that for 24V system , I seem to do ok with a stock mosfet on the ramps for running 12V.

yes I did http://fightpc.blogspot.com.es/2016/04/hephestos-2-heated-bed.html

@Miguel_Sanchez ​, could you share or post or send a wiring diagram? I see that K0 and K1 go to the bed directly and the psu is on the remaining 2 connections. Did you make use of the cylindrical temp probe or use a thermistor?

These K0 and K1 are the two connections of the relay switch. You use it to switch on the heater, like a regular normally-open switch.

I used the probe, as the circuit is designed for using that and not a random thermistor.

Ok, so k1/k0 to the switch and then the heater itself?

K0 and K1 are relay’s switch contacts.

however would you control the temperature via g-code or wait in g-code until the temperature is reached?

I would not. I would set it until it reaches and then start the print. Means attended operation. I have found what I was looking for surfing around AliExpress. Here’s a wiring lashup I can understand: http://g03.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1HmuZJFXXXXXzXpXXq6xXFXXX9/202155550/HTB1HmuZJFXXXXXzXpXXq6xXFXXX9.jpg?size=81127&height=800&width=800&hash=ad91cc9dabcdf7d862d5d9092378b40e

I use it on k40 for lock beam when tube go on 40° k0-1 are relay contact… for use it in as normal close need enter in menu and set p6(if remember fine)

Thanka @Mauro_Manco ​. I found a suitable wiring diagram that suggests how to wire it up. I was originally asking what relay to use. I found that there is a secondary board with an electronic relay that the vendor sells as well.

I use similar for my standalone heatbed abs vaping station, design is on my thingiverse - shawdreamer

Oh so cool