Has anyone seen an instruction like this for for parts that fit but more

(Andreas Thorn) #1

Has anyone seen an instruction like this for #calibration for parts that fit but more #Slic3r oriented?

sigh trying to get my printer to spit out parts that fit/interlock seems like all I do with those few precious hobby hours lately when the kids are asleep.

I found PLA easier. Now I am venturing into #ABS . When the outside dimensions are spot on, the inside dimensions are off. I’m aware of circular hole “shrinkage” and usually compensate with @nophead s’ http://hydraraptor.blogspot.se/2011/02/polyholes.html but the problem is with all kinds of “cut outs”. Measured wall width equals what Slic3r output in the gcode. Printing around 50mm/s.

(Jim Peterson) #2

I would like to know this, as well. I’m starting to suspect that it is not possible with Slic3r.

(Tim Rastall) #3

Try kisslicer gents, unlike skeinforge you don’t need a PhD to use it but it gives you much more granular control than Slic3r.

(Tim Rastall) #4

@korpx ditto on precious post bedtine hobby hours, its always frustrating when you burn through them trying to solve something preventing you from doing what you intended. Important not to forget wife maintainance too mind :slight_smile:

(Andreas Thorn) #5

@Tim_Rastall I’ve been using Slic3r for quite a while and got an acceptable grasp of the settings. @Jim_Peterson maybe I am asking for the impossible especially since Slic3r seems to change so many fundamental things under the hood between releases. I hope someone chimes in and proves us wrong.

I’ve been meaning to try out #Kisslicer . Even went Pro the other week but even though I see the terminology has changed for the better since I last had a peek it still looks slightly scary to what I am used to ,-) I’ve heard good things about it for a while now so I guess I’ll just have to sit down with it properly.

@Tim_Rastall yeah I know what you mean on the wife and life… She has her own geeky hobbies so we can easily be together when doing our own individual things like during the 3D design phase or those times when it’s enough to check the status of the first layer and let it print unattended with occational checks on Octoprint, but hours and hours with tedious calibration and sitting-by-the-machine tuning things in the printcave feels so so :slight_smile:

(Jim Peterson) #6

I have a semi-automatic workaround for this (mentioned here: http://www.printrbottalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=107&t=4780 ). I’ve printed my first interlocking parts with this technique. It was crucial to get meshing gears (with small teeth). Maybe I should just bite the bullet and go with kisslicer, but I don’t think that will integrate with repetier easily.

(Tim Rastall) #7

@Jim_Peterson I’m using Kiss and repetier with no issues.

(Andreas Thorn) #8

Posted a followup that I thought deserved a new post :slight_smile: