Has anyone got one of these printers?  are they a good option,

Has anyone got one of these printers? are they a good option, know of any better delta kits? looks like they should be nice and ridged


I do not have one but tried to obtain feedback from users on 3DHubs. I had few feedback but all were positive

machined and extruded parts like the SeeMeCNC machines made_in_the_USA. Too, I saw nothing about open source equipment and software. That alone is a deal killer for me.

@Kenneth_Cummings ​, do you have one?
Open source software, internal OS?

@Dominique_Vienne , looking at the asembly videos its running a customised version of marlin. http://www.atom3dp.com/en/film/

I have a SeeMeCNC Rostock Max V2 and love it.

It looks like it does not have a heated bed. The build plate looks like tinted glass or something. I do not know the material. I suggest you investigate.

The hotend seems to be some redesign of a hotend with a titanium tip with an aluminum section with fins for cooling. It would be interesting to see the results of that.

This is the first printer I saw with steel tracks as part of the motion control.

It looks like a person might have the option of a laser engraver or a 2nd hotend later on. They are listed as experimental. I do not know if you can partake in their experiment or not.

Else than some of the custom parts, this seems like a Kossel to me.

It looks like it should not be too hard to make a heated enclosure for the printer.

Good luck deciding.

try this please

heh. that web page says the printer is over $25,000.

@Daniel_Farley Thanks a lot… Seems logical

(full disclosure)
I started with a Bukito portable printer, all open source hardware and software. Then worked it into the ground. When I was spending too much more time getting it to work then I was printing, I went for a fully assembled SeMeCNC Orion delta printer. I got it yesterday and am still checking the calibration before I start printing.